Good Fast Cheap — Pick Two to Prioritize

You and I may not see the world in exactly the same way.

We probably don’t have the same favorite movie, we probably like different sneakers, and we probably look at opportunities with different priorities.

But that’s expected, right? Finding someone that has all the same tastes and perspectives on the world around them would be like finding a unicorn.

Brands don’t see things the same way either. See the same as other brands. Or as consumers see things, or how the consumer sees the brand. …

Clubhouse — How to Build your Brand and Drive Sales

Clubhouse is the newest social network.

Buzzy and exclusive, Clubhouse has potential to be the next big thing. But with limited access, ephemeral content, and no business tools, how do you engage in the platform if you want to do more than have a conversation? Here’s how Clubhouse works, what brands can do to engage on Clubhouse, and how to get your audience to go the next step and purchase.

Clubhouse App: How to Get Started

New to Clubhouse App? Wondering how to use Clubhouse? Clubhouse is so hot right now but it may not be right for you. Let’s check it out.

What Is Clubhouse?

Social media always coming up with something new and…

The Social Sunshine Podcast with Britney Crosson and guest Tuck Ross
The Social Sunshine Podcast with Britney Crosson and guest speaker, Tuck Ross

How to be a better nano-influencer!

I had the privilege to join Britney Crosson on the Social Sunshine Podcast for episode 59 where we talk through how to be a nano-influencer. Begin to align your efforts with your passions in this podcast episode.

If you are building a small but strong audience and looking to take your social media efforts to the next level, Britney and I dig into what to think about first, how you can take the right steps to keep your focus, and then get your pitch right when you want to start reaching out to brands.

In May, I had the opportunity to participate in a premiere panel at Social Media Week One, Breaking Ads: Unlocking the Creative Potential in Paid Social, with Sam Christie (West Coast Brand Partnerships Lead, TikTok) and Rob Schlissel(Marketing and Partnerships Senior Director & Senior Producer, The Shorty Awards) about unlocking the potential in paid social media, as moderated by Kristin Busk (Director of Social Innovation, The Many) and Alex Barnes (Media Director, The Many).

As the session is behind a pay wall, I’m sharing my responses to the session questions if it’s helpful to your planning or paid social strategy…

Social Media Video Ad Cheat Sheet, updated for 2021

2021 is all about video.

78% of people watch videos online every week, with 55% watching every day. Whether you are reaching Gen Z or Baby Boomers, online video dominates our time — especially on social.

Your brand needs to be doing video and have it as a major component to your media plan — organic and paid media both. Video consumption is still increasing at a significant rate: Between YouTube and all the social media video consumption, like Instagram and now TikTok, mobile is the primary consumption point.

You need to have a handy guide for all your social…

Jeff Bezos. Photo by Forbes.

Lots of buzz around Amazon’s moves on AI, Whole Foods, Amazon Go, entertainment. Even more noise about their efficient dynamic pricing models, endless marketplace inventory, and ease of Prime 1-Click shipping. And when you have Prime, the unlimited everything they include provides so much value, it’s like you don’t need anything else.

Or do you need something else?

I was in a good debate on LinkedIn about the Walmart and Amazon pricing models, and it made me look back and think about my experience with Amazon — and I realized that I haven’t ordered anything from there in weeks. Part of it has been a bit of a conscious decision but part of it has been an unconscious passive migration to other smaller shops and niche DTC ecommerce sites because I don’t find the value in what Amazon delivers anymore.

Here’s why I don’t shop on Amazon:

It’s too easy. Amazon shopping…

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Black Friday is coming.

Yeah, you have to think about it now. Because it’s when everyone is shopping. For everything. Wallets are open. Even during a pandemic — and maybe more than ever — they are shopping online and competition will be more fierce than ever.

It’s the time of year when you look at a bunch of deals and go buy stuff for your family and friends (and you) because of the deals! And everyone does it: Some type of shopping for gifts. At home or out and about, the Friday after Thanksgiving (and even now earlier with Thanksgiving)…

Unprecedented. Tragic. Unusual. Shocking.

So many dramatic words that don’t capture how powerful and global a change in consumer behavior that is being driven by the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s truly transformative for a business thinking about their marketing strategy.

While many industries pull back due to radical changes in the macroeconomic environment impacted, there are some key industries that exploded in growth in the same period. Toilet paper for sure. …

Tuck Ross

Marketing Executive | Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert | Speaker | Creator | Advisor ❤

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